Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Flying, originally uploaded by diahn.

I'm SO ready for Spring. All these nice almost warmish days are tempting me to break out a pair of shorts and sit on my deck, but then I get there and the wind is a bit too brisk for that and I have to get up and go back inside to the stale air of winter.

There's a time change this weekend. I love it when we Spring Forward. The day goes on a little longer and the neighbors start to venture out into their yards and we all become friends again after a long winter's hibernation.

I know some people like Winter, but for me it's a long, dark, cold and unpleasant time of year. I love Spring, when the first buds appear on the trees and little tender shoots burst out of the ground. I love Summer, when the sun bears down on the back of your neck and the sound of the kids running through sprinklers is sweeter than honey and the the trees and bushes put on a full show of foliage. I love Fall and the smell of campfires and the sound of football games and the bright, glaring, surreal colors of the aging leaves.

But Winter? I can do without it.

And this picture? It has absolutely nothing to do with any of it.