Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Speaking of Pink...

This is in response to the gruesome boy toys on the previous page. I bought these lovely pink, orange, green, and sparkly gold ornaments this year...just for me...(I had to do something to balance out the Star Wars collection ornaments). I LOVE them, and have them (all glorious 8 of them) amongst the greenery on my mantle. I think I'm probably the only one in this house that likes them, but that's okay with me!

Also - just so you all know - this is the last page in my second Moleskine sketchbook. I bought my first one last year at this time, and after a hate/love relationship with it for a while, I finally grew to love it and become a little panicky when I didn't have it with me. So...the first went from December to May, the second from June to December. I've just gotten a new sketchbook - a 5" square hand*book journal that I will crack open tomorrow on our camping trip to Stone Mountain. I'm looking forward to trying a new paper and format - and interested to see if I like it as well as I ended up liking the Moleskine. I'm still working in a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook, so the style is not completely lost!

I'll post up some pics of the trip and the new book when I get back...after I take some pics with my NEW CAMERA...Merry Early Christmas to ME!