Monday, December 18, 2006

Always Learning

Well, we are back from lovely and warm winter's weekend at Stone Mountain, Georgia. We climbed the mountain, which is only a 1.4 mile trek, but the last little bit of it is challenging for the early elementary and the mid to late 30s crowd. But, we made it!! It was wonderful at the top, although gusty 35 mph winds kept us from staying too long on the day we climbed. The next day, after we rode the skylift up, was much nicer and we explored much longer. I'm still figuring out how to use the new camera, so the pics weren't as nice as I had hoped - some strange colors and weird focusing, but I'm getting it - slowly and surely...

This is the boys' and my feet at the geodetic marker on top of the mountain - 1873 feet above sea level. Not tall by most mountain standards - but certainly impressive considering the rest of the landscape surrounding it.

And...I did get some art done, too. I'll post up the final of this one later on!