Saturday, November 11, 2006


I'm going to warn you at the start - I'm waxing a bit sentimental today...if you're not in the mood - go visit the Malaperts or something - they are never sentimental...

Linda and I headed out to Barnes and Noble last night to sketch and chat and get into as much trouble as two semi-middle aged women can get into (I had a double chocolate cupcake...wicked wild, man). We found some unwitting victims to sketch and, as usual, completely lost track of time until Linda's DH called to see if we had been picked up by the police or something. Anyhow - it just started me thinking how fortunate it is that we met and that we actually have so many things in common - STARTING with art. I mean - I've met some artists that I would NEVER want to hang out with - but here we are, maybe 5 miles apart in residence, 9 or so years apart in age (I won't say who has the greater of those years), completely different career paths and places in life, and yet we can spend 3 hours sitting in the Barnes and Noble Bookstore coffee-shop and have it feel like maybe 30 minutes. That's rare, people - friends are hard to come by in this age of computer-generated EVERYTHING - real live flesh and blood friends, anyway. Especially those that you meet later in life.

Okay - sentimentality over with - here's the sketches:

and look what my friend Linda made for me - our family is taking a 2 week long trip out west right after Memorial Day 2007, and this is my travel journal!!!! Yay!!!