Monday, October 16, 2006

All but one...Done!

My part of the WetCanvas Postcard project is almost finished. I ran out of the postcard sized watercolor block I've been using, so I'll have to go make a Jerry's run before I can be completely done. I really like the format - 5x7 is a nice size to experiment with different things.
This card is based on a Moleskine sketch from a few days ago. Watercolor and Inktense pencils.
A lionfish from a photo I took at the Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN. Watercolor.
Watercolor. Pig from a reference photo on this past weekend's WDE at WetCanvas. Poem is "The Pig" by Roald Dahl. What a twisted soul his was. But in a really good way, you understand...
Really strange cow. Not sure what all happened here. Watercolor and Inktense pencils, Ink, White Sharpie poster pen. What happens when good hatching goes bad. Really, really bad. But the nose is GREAT. (I say that with all awe and wonder - not pride...please don't get me wrong.)

A watercolor based on a photo I took of my niece, Anna Marie, at the beach. This looks nothing like her. It is BASED on a photo...