Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

Thanks to everyone who has commented publicly and privately about my latest lack of productivity. I appreciate your encouragement more than you know! I've been slow to work out of this funk, especially in the day to day sketching that I like to do, but I'm getting there. Here's a few things to fill in the gaps.
This is page in remembrance of my brother, Brian, who has been gone 17 years, now. It's so hard to imagine that it has been so long. I was just thinking of all the things I miss about him, and none of them are huge things - do you know what I mean? Treasure the little things about your loved ones, my friends. Store them up in your memory so you can draw on them when they are no longer around. No one, when remembering a dear loved one, ever remembers the things we spend all our time striving for and making our lives stressful and busy and crazy for. Nope - we remember smiles and stupid jokes, curly hair and standing with hands on hips. Store them up - treasure them and SLOW DOWN!! Hang up the phone and shut off the computer. Okay. I'm done with my soapbox, now...
The next page is after OVER a month of NOT slowing down (maybe I should start reading my own blog). I finally took the time, while lying in bed, to record some thoughts and images. I'm very whiny lately. Sheesh. I've not been this angst ridden since graduate school. Getting kids back in Kindergarten and First Grade must bring back some memories of my own very protracted schooling. I miss those days sometimes - not the angst part - but the excitement of a new semester. This sketch has nothing to do with that.
Have you all heard of Zentangles? Linda sent me the link a while back, and it made me giggle, 'cause all my high school notebooks were filled with things like it instead of Algebra or Biology notes. I had no idea I was so meditative or artistic, then. I felt the need to play around with one over the last few days and remembered why I enjoyed what I called "doodling" so much - it's a very right-brained activity, very relaxing and I never once thought about Algebra while I was doing it.
Okay - last one. This is from last weekend's WDE over at WetCanvas. I haven't participated in ages, and I'm hosting the last weekend of the month, so I felt like I should participate at least a couple of times before then. I did this one very quickly, trying to emulate sketching from life, and very loosely. It was a good warm-up exercise for me. I'm ready to re-enter the everyday, now, I think. Wish me luck.

For larger versions of any of these, click over to my Flickr account.