Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Very Own Not Safe but Good Lion

Every year (at least in theory) I go through all my digital photos from the past 12 months and put them on a cd for the archives, delete them from my hard drive to make room for more. I guess I should do this more often, but so far it has worked for me. In any case, I have been doing that this week, and I came across a photo I took back in September when my kids went on a field trip to the Knoxville Zoo.

Every time we go to the zoo, we have two places that we absolutely MUST take a photo - at the tortoise sculpture near then entrance to the reptile area, and at the lion sculpture by the food vendor. We took our usual photos at the lion, when suddenly - my youngest climbed back on and gave the lion the biggest hug he possibly could. Precious picture.

Well, having found it, I couldn't help but draw it. When I got finished, it brought to mind a certain book by CS Lewis that has recently been released as a movie. I haven't see the movie, yet, but I have loved the book all my life, and this is my homage to it.

9x12, 140lb cold press wc paper, sepia PITT pen and wc