Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tree Creatures

Okay - this one is kind of weird, I guess. Here's the explanation. I was tooling around my favorite art site on the web, Wet Canvas, and I came across this watercolor classroom called "Tree Creature". Okay - I don't do watercolor, but I do some inks, and they behave similarly, so I was intrigued. Basically the classroom is all about hidden images in an imaginary tree, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I started out by drawing the outline of an imaginary tree. I had no idea what "theme" I would be going with, but I thought I'd let the tree dictate the direction.

When I got done with the outline, I noticed a hump on the right hand side that looked just like a pregnant belly...the rest just kind of happened from there. I've got some of it colored in, just for my self to see where I was going with the bark of the tree - there's our cat, Pugsley, our dog, Oscar, a piece of taffy, a book, and of course, the pregnant lady with the outie.

So, the next step is to transfer this drawing over to some watercolor paper and start in with the inks...I'll keep you posted! Posted by Picasa