Friday, November 04, 2011

Preach It, Sister

Penguin Church

Here's what I know:

  1. My husband, the famous and oft-lauded Dr. SmartyPants, is the awesomest awesome there is.
    • He has recently proven that yet again, by giving me an unexpected surprise.
    • He completely went behind my back in order to do so.
    • He is giving it to me even though I didn't specifically ask for it, or whine too much about it or refuse to get out of bed or anything.
    • It requires him to work from home for a couple of days and deal with a tennis tournament by himself.
  2. My children, the tennis stars, are spectacular - not because they win, but because they are able to lose with grace and style.
    • They played a tournament last weekend.
    • Joshua had to play up in the 12s division because the 10s division only had him as a participant.
    • He lost his first match, yet walked off the court with his head held high because he won a couple of games.
    • He lost his second match, although he won the first set, and hugged his opponent at the net when the match was over.
    • His opponent was Derek. He had to come from behind to win the second set and a 10-point tiebreaker to get his first tournament match win.
  3. In 15 days, I board a plane for Shreveport (see point 1, above.)
    • My best friend lives in Shreveport.
    • She's like my twin sister, except we have different parents and she's just a smidge older than I am.
    • I haven't seen her since July, when she came to see me for a few days.
    • She has a new house I haven't seen yet, and I'm so looking forward to checking it out!
    • I'm staying FIVE days. FIVE DAYS, PEOPLE.
    • Her husband is mighty awesome, too.
  4. After my trip, I will head to Alabama to visit with our entire family for Thanksgiving.
    • I will eat turkey.
    • I will watch my kids laugh with their grandparents and cousins.
    • I will try and resist all manner of carbohydrates and wheat-laden products.
    • I will fail.
    • I won't care.
    • I will realize, once again, how profoundly blessed we are.