Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A change is coming...

Fall Break Trip 045, originally uploaded by diahn.

For the month of November and the NaBloPoMo, this blog is going to look a little different - I'm just letting you know in advance.

Expect lots of photographs and text - not so many sketches and paintings. November is a time for gathering in all the things that have made the year special and celebrating them. It is a month to be thankful and breathe before the rush to Christmas and the New Year begins. I always get a little philosophical this time of year and start pondering on the way life has gone and what could I do to change what I didn't like and improve what I did.

I also start trying to figure out how to make a chore schedule for my kids that works, but that's a topic for another day...

So, I hope all 20 or so of you that drop by here on a regular basis will stick with me on this daily blog extravaganza. I hate to take this little side trip alone.