Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On Tour

Well, virtually, at least. I actually had a little studio time this morning, for the first time in a great long time, and while I don't have anything to post yet (lots of prepping and thinking and sketching and planning), I sat down for a little studio tour while I ate my leftover pizza.
Here's what I did. I started at Linda's blog, 'cause she has a nice collection of links. I randomly selected one of her links and ended up in the Netherlands at Eefje's blog. From her links, I made another random selection and went to North Carolina to see Suzanne. Then it was on to Quebec to study Paula's work, and from there I headed down to New York to see Heidi's designs, and finally ended up in Sacramento to tour Terry's studio.
Wow. So much wonderful stuff out there. It really is amazing. Take some time to wander through and enjoy it. Branch out from your usual list of favorites and find someone new.
Happy Blogging...