Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Started a new painting today - a still life with some pears I got the other day. I had planned to just do the pears, but then I spied the apple in the fruit bowl and was inspired by a sermon I heard on Sunday. It was all about how easy it COULD be to spark a multi-cultural revolution, if only we were willing to speak to those we perceive as different from us. So - the pears and the apple...when it is finished, I think it will be obvious that the pears are all huddled up in their little like-minded group and the poor apple is sitting outside of the community just because it's an apple and not a pear. I thought that it was appropriate to use pears and apples, because really - they aren't that different from each other (not like apples and oranges, anyway) - at least not as different as they may appear surficially. I'm still thinking about the title, but a good working title might be, "You say - - you..."  Posted by Picasa