Thursday, July 21, 2005

Enough, already!

Well, I think I've learned everything I can from the grid system. I really just wanted to experiment with it, and see if it would help my eye see a little better. When it comes to creating a likeness of a person, I always seem to fall just a little short. This has been a really good exercise, though, and I feel like it will help alot.

So...with that in mind, here's what is going to happen next!! Today I'm going to wing it - drawing from a reference photo with no grid - just some placement lines to guide me. I may do one of the drawings I've already done with the grid, just to play it safe - not sure yet. But - here are my goals for the next week or so:

  1. Achieve a likeness, with a reference photo, without using a grid.
  2. Draw a self-portrait, from life, that is actually recognizable as me!
  3. Paint a portrait (self or otherwise) with realistic skin tones.
  4. Paint a portrait (self or otherwise) with varied color.

You know - even if no one ever reads this blog but me, having these goals to stick to is so good for me! Tune in to see what happens!!