Monday, January 07, 2013



It's Monday. How about a list of awesome things? 13, you say? Okey dokey. 13 it is.

  1. I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm today.
  2. The boys woke up with their own alarms, meaning I didn't have to yell up the stairs at them.
  3. Derek was studying interjections today. Every time he read the word, "Interjection," I felt compelled to sing the song from Schoolhouse Rock. "IN-TER-JEC-TION, shows EXCITEMENT or EMOTION. HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HA-LAYYYYY-LUUUUUU-JAAAAAHHHH - YEA!!!"
  4. I refrained from doing it out loud.
  5. You just totally sang that song in your head.
  6. Our third day of virtual school has not killed any of us. Yet.
  7. Joshua is taking earth science, so there's a world tectonic map hanging on the wall of the office.
  8. I made this last night. Delicious. I used spaghetti squash instead of rice. Super good.
  9. Skype. It's what is going to make this year work.
  10. It's 234 days until my birthday.
  11. My pantry is organized, my closet is organized, my office is organized.
  12. I re-caulked my kitchen countertops today. I'm a caulking prodigy. Except that I'm 44 years old, which likely negates the prodigy part. I'm a caulking genius.
  13. My library is holding numerous books for me to pick up today. Like, right now. I love my library.
And that is all. Actually, there's a whole lot more awesome out there, but I have to go to the library, so it will have to wait!